Friday, May 4, 2007

Thrift store finds

Pictured is thrift store findings including: Mouse Trap game, airplane books, jeans and craft items. Not pictured is the floor lamp.

Shopping in thrift stores is great fun for us. We go with the challenge to find great bargains on clothing, craft and hobby items or anything else that catches our eye. This last week we spent Friday afternoon going to the three main thrift stores in Red Bluff.

The first stop was the Hospice Thrift Store. A Mouse Trap game was the first thing that caught our eye. It was only 50 cents and was complete except for the two balls. Since writing our column on games we were wishing we could get another Mouse Trap game to replace the one done in by our cats. We also found two pair of jeans in good condition for $2 each. Clothing is always half off at the Hospice store on Fridays so that was a real bargain. We left there spending only $4.50 plus tax.

Next we visited the Hope Chest Thrift Store. They had a half price sell on everything except things in the glass cases. We found a book on airplanes called “Modern Attack Aircraft,” a detailed examination of the aircraft, weapons and tactics used in ground attack today, by Mike Spick and Tim Ripley, published in 1992. It was only 50 cents plus tax.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store was our last stop. Our findings their included another book on airplanes called “Octopus Color Encyclopedia of Aircraft,” published in 1980, for $1.99, a spool of 2-inch silver craft ribbon for 49 cents, a bag of silver sequins for 49 cents and a white floor lamp for $7.99.

The jeans were a great find as tall sizes are hard to find. Books on airplanes are always great to have on hand to see how to paint models that we build. The craft supplies will come in handy for decorating at the up coming wedding of our son and his fiancée. We also needed another floor lamp and the one we found just fit the bill.

Shopping at thrift stores allows us to stretch our money, get things we could not otherwise afford or just have some fun buying something we really don’t need but enjoy having. It has always been a family activity that we have all enjoyed. When our children were little we were able to purchase them many books, games and other fun items. Clothes are also something that can be expensive, but in thrift stores many items are still in great condition and some are even new. Baby clothes were always easy to find in good condition as they were only worn for a short time.

Once we attended an event where the challenge was to purchase a complete outfit for under $10. It was great fun seeing what everyone came up with.

All in all, shopping at the thrift stores not only helps our dollars go further, it helps the charity groups running the stores to raise money for their projects. All three above stores provide many great community services to those in need. If you are not already a thrift store shopper, give it a try and have some fun.

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Neighbors said...

Yahoo! Mail
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 12:07:39
Subject: RE: Thrift Store Finds
I recently ran across your blog linked through Red Bluff Daily News and enjoyed the article you wrote in regards to thrift store finds. I noticed that you did not include Two Peas In A Pod. Granted, it is more a specialty store, however they do offer both new and used baby and kids clothes. It's a nice little store and a great way to find deals on things that you can't get at Wal-Mart. The lady who runs it is also very nice and I think she provides a service for us working-class mommies here in Red Bluff. Perhaps you could pay her a visit just to check it out and perhaps include something about it in your blog. It would be good exposure for her.

Thanks so much!
Kippin Hoffman