Friday, April 6, 2007

Angel yo-yo craft

Pictured are back and front view of yo-yo angel with circles to make another.

Easter is almost here. Many celebrate it as a time for bunnies, egg hunts and candy. For Christians it is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and their choice of a new life through Christ.

This year we decided to make little angels to use as decorations and gifts for Easter. They are made of graduating fabric yo-yo circles for the robe, a 25 millimeter glass ordainment for the head, a ribbon bow and gold cord for the wings and halo. The fabric we used for the robe is a sheer white with a small white flower print. Two angels can be made from a fourth yard of fabric.

The yo-yos are made from eight fabric circles starting at 2 1/2 inches going up to 5 1/2, making each circle 1/2 inch bigger than the last and making two circles of the last size. We made the circle templates from the lids of disposable containers, cutting them to the desired diameter. Using needle and thread we sewed around the circle with running stitches; pull the thread to gather the fabric up until it is as tight as it can be gathered, forming the middle of the finished yo-yo.

The ribbon bow is made out of 1/8 inch ribbon. The wings are cord looped three times and secured with ribbon in the middle, finished size of wings are about 4 inches across. The halo is a 1-inch diameter circle made from cord.

All pieces are hot glued together to form the angel. The finished height is 3 1/2 inches.

People ask us how we find time to do projects like this. While many people choose to watch TV or go to a movie in the evening, we usually do crafts or play games. Sometimes one of us is working on a craft and the other is reading out loud, a book of interest to us both. Currently we are working on a fiction/historical trilogy by Francine Rivers called the “Mark of the Lion.” The first book is “A Voice in the Wind.” It is set in the first century following a Jewish slave girl from Jerusalem to Germania, Rome and Ephesus. It also describes the training of a gladiator and his terror as he faced his foes in the arena. The description of how the society lived during this time period is very vividly told.

There are TV shows we do enjoy watching like “Extreme Home Makeover” and “California’s Gold.” The evenings these shows are aired the crafts and games are set aside in favor of the TV. Our TV watching days may be numbered though as it was reported in the news a few weeks back that our TV will be obsolete in 2009. At this point we are not convinced we should get a new one. There are always plenty of games, crafts and books to keep us busy.

On the subject of other crafts, a picture of more items we have made will be pictured on our next post.


Craftypiggie said...

Beautiful!!! come check out my YoYo blog.Thanks for posting YoYos are hard to find
hugs kat

Valeries Treasures said...
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Neighbors said...

We have a new post on this blog, Sept. 14 for yo-yo pumpkins and more.

plonkas said...
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Neighbors said...

We have a another post on this blog, Feb. 15, 2008, for yo-yo hearts.

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